heaps! is closing down

A few years ago we brought you heaps!, an online tool to manage your money and reach your financial goals faster. Heaps! started well, but in the last few years it’s had issues with stability and functionality and it hasn’t delivered the experience we want you to have. As a result we’ve decided to close heaps! on 1 July 2016. Regular users of this service should have received an email communication on the week commencing 13th June 2016, notifying them of the closure of heaps!.

Why is heaps! closing?

While heaps! was a fantastic service when it was first launched, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain. This has resulted in it being quite unstable and very challenging to keep updated. A large proportion of customers have had issues with the functionality that we have not been able to fix, which has led to some poor user experiences. We made the decision that rather than keeping the service limping along, we would close it down.

What will happen to my information?

All the personal and transactional information held in heaps! will be securely deleted on 1st July 2016.

Can I take a copy of my information in heaps!

Unfortunately no, there is no ability for the information held in heaps! to be downloaded. This will not impact the 24 months of transactions that Kiwibank customers can download from their internet banking.

What’s next?

Having tools that help our customers stay in control of their finances is really important to us. It is also important that these tools are useful, and helpful to customers while providing great customer experiences. This is where heaps! wasn’t meeting our expectations or our customer’s expectations. We are working to have a more useful, helpful and fun tool available which tracks spending but there will be a period of time between heaps! closing and the new tool being available.

I didn’t receive any communication and I regularly use heaps!?

We emailed regular users of the service on the week commencing 13th June 2016 to notify them of the closure of heaps!. We used email addresses supplied to the heaps! service by users. If you did not have an email registered in heaps! we may not have been able to communicate these changes to you.